September 28, 2023


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Top 12 Best PayPal Alternatives For Online Payments

Well, if you are tired of visiting banks for money transactions again and again, then no need to worry anymore. This is the era of online banking and you can both receive and pay from your home itself. Online payment system helps a lot to make all our transaction easy and comfortable.  There are many online payment platforms that ease our daily national and international money transferring task. Among all, PayPal is known to be a safe and secure platform. People who are related to some online business or need to do business with international clients need to have a PayPal account. If both sender and receiver are registered on PayPal they can transfer money from anywhere at any time within a single click. You can associate your PayPal account with other third-party money transfer platform and services too. But there are some disadvantages of PayPal for which many people prefer to use some other best alternatives of PayPal.

Without any doubt, PayPal is a recommended platform for money transfer. But there are many users of PayPal reported on many forums that they are not having best service in terms of customer care and in some cases, payments remains on hold. Due to such reasons people those who need easy and reliable money transferring platforms looking for alternatives of PayPal. If any service is not up to the mark, why should we tolerate? Rather locate all the cons of the platform that you are currently using and then search for other those offers smooth and quick service. As per my experience and knowledge cons that I have noticed on using PayPal are-

  • High processing fees over every transfer or transaction.
  • They take much time to take a review of the transaction.
  • Though it’s a giant online money transfer platform still it is not available in many countries. Its availability is another negative point to its service.

These are some common issues that I have faced while using PayPal. There are might be some other problems too. If you have faced the same and looking for platforms like PayPal then look below some of the best alternatives of PayPal.

Top 12 Best Alternatives of PayPal You Can Use For Online Payment And Online Business:

Google Wallet

It is an online payment service from Google which makes it reliable and an easy one. Within a few clicks, you can send money to any person residing in any country.  Within this wallet, you can store your credit cards, loyalty cards, debit cards and others to use when you are transferring money. Its email money transfer is another benefits using which you can peers with your friends or client using their email address. If you want to send money using Google wallet then easily you can transfer funds directly from debit cards, credits. Sometimes you need to send invoices to your clients or business associate; in that case, Google wallet will help you with many templates of professional invoices. It is free but during the transaction, you need to pay standard charges which is competitively low than others. It has vast availability with around 125 countries. Using this you can purchase apps and games from Google Play Store. It is fully a reliable online payment service that monitors quickly for any frauds to make your transaction safe and secure.


It is another best alternative of PayPal which is previously known as Money bookers. Using this application you can send, receive money as well as can do online shopping. The interface is simple and it offers very simple money transfer technique. If both sender and receiver using Skrill then you can directly send money using an email addresses. The money you have transferred to the recipient can be easily withdrawn using his or her debit, credit cards and bank account. For merchant account this is perfect as here you don’t need to pay high commission charges. It charges only 1% of the total amount as commission. It is available in more than 200 countries and accepts more than 40 different currencies. It is reliable and all your information is secure and safe.


With low commission charge, fast transfer and flexibility make it another alternative of PayPal. It is an old globally recognized payment service which offers money transfer facilities in maximum countries and continents. The best part of this payment system is their low transaction fee that helps its users to save more on every transaction by Payoneer. Their services and offers are reliable and consistent. Money transfer by Payoneer comes with many offers and cashback. When you will successfully done the transaction of amount 1000 dollar they will give you cash back of 25 dollars in your account.


If you are looking for an ease and reliable payment service which are available in maximum countries then Stripe is another great option. Stripe is an online payment service company of the USA which accepts transaction of more than 200 countries. In case Stripe not available in the country where you are now then you can use it atlas program which is called Stripe Atlas Program. It is integrated with all popular e-commerce stores and if you want to integrate it to your e-commerce site then you can use its plugin. It also accepts Bitcoins that makes it more popular and a powerful online payment service. The processing fees for every transaction is comparatively low compared to others which are just around 2.5% of the total money.


You might heard about PayZa which is another popular money transfer platform. As per my experience, it is another best alternative of PayPal. It is widely used by bloggers, online publishers and advertisement companies. Recently they also started accepting Bitcoin for which you can easily transfer funds in Bitcoin. Among all payment service, it is known for popular Bitcoin processing service. You can easily withdraw money from the account using your credit card, debit card and bank account. You can take support for your personal and business account on PayZa. With lots of features with flexible payment system, this is another great payment platform which you need to try.


With low transaction and conversion charges, Transferwise is a reliable and easy money transfer platform. You can convert any currencies in this platform and with it; you can save more on every conversion. It comes with many types of cash back and offers. For every user, first 500 euro transaction is free from any types of transaction fees. The interface of this platform is easy and clear. Still, now not a single user faced any issue regarding its services and offers. Their services are fast and reliable.


It is another simple payment service which is another great alternative to PayPal. In this platform, there is no any limitation as you can send money to anybody on the internet. It is a best online money transfer platform for merchant transaction. You can send money using the links to LinkedIn, Twitter, email, contact number and many more. It has another advanced feature which is its multiple transactions at a time by using its service Dwolla MassPay.  It is free service and charges very low amount on every successful transaction. It is available for all platforms as windows, android and iOS.  Every feature of this payment system is good apart from transfer money to a bank account which is slow and requires 2 to 3 days to get credited. It is free from transaction fees for the amount of 10 dollars and above it charges .25 dollar.


It is specially designed and developed for a merchant. It is popular for its effectiveness in all business transactions.  This payment system supports different types of payment system as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, pin debit cards and JCB. It offers service to 196 countries and accepts more than 26 currencies. You can even integrate it with e-commerce site as Shopify, 3D cart, etc. The interface and its security system are reliable and all your card and account details will remain confidential. Its transaction charges differ with regions as it charges around 2.9 % outside the US and for US users it charges 5.5 % per transactions. It is also available as an app which makes easier to track every transaction.


It is a user-friendly application with lots of features that allow you to transfer money more easily. It is not a big online transaction platform as it offers service to India and Philippines. They offer many promotional offers to their users and without any extra fee and charges you can transfer up to 1000 dollars. If you want to do the free transaction every time then you need to wait for 3 days for every transaction. They offer daily many cash back and offer which you can have once you sign up and start doing the transaction through Remitly.


Once you integrate WePay with your site, you will experience the difference. Every possible payment and withdrawn systems are available on it which makes its popular. It is built upon API technology that easily can integrate to your site. The interface and all its features are attractive. It supports all type of cards results which payment system through WePay became more flexible. It is a best online payment service for community sites, crowd sourcing websites, business and online marketplace. Its percentage of charge is minimum which is around 2.9% of the total amount for credit card payments and 1% for bank payments.


If you are a new online businessman or running a small company then this is another simple and easy payment platform. It is the best platform for bloggers or freelancer who used to do work of different countries and needs to accept from the same. It is available as a plugin which you can easily integrate into your WordPress site.  It is specially designed and developed to help during the transaction of digital products online. It is available on more than 190 countries. Coming to its transaction fees which is a bit high from PayPal as it charges 5% over a transaction.

Amazon Payment

To make online payment safer and easy, online shopping giant Amazon developed a payment service Amazon payment. It is another suitable payment service like PayPal which is the best choice for business, customers, online workers and software developers. To use this service you need to have a payment account where you need to add details about your transaction modes or methods. Once you completed these steps you can use those services for a transaction in Amazon Payment. One limitation of this service is that it is only available for US people.


Above are all the top online payment services those offers more reliable and quick money transfer compared to PayPal. Due to PayPal’s high transaction fees, limited availability and hold problems people are looking for its alternatives. On the web, there are thousands of online payment platforms and among all; it is not so easy to choose the best. If you are running an e-commerce store you need to use a service which can be easily configured with any other online money transfer services. As it is an online era you need to use an efficient payment system using which you can send as well as can receives money from all corners of the world. As you are searching for alternatives of PayPal I think above-listed services might help to choose the most reliable and efficient one.