January 22, 2022


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Best Skype Alternatives To Make Video and Conference Call & Chat

There is no doubt that Skype is among the top-most Multimedia messaging app. It gives you the access to connect with billions of users from worldwide. And they are available for several platforms of devices which include Android, iOS & Windows PC and others. By using Skype you can connect with several people from any corner of the world. Earlier Skype has managed to earn huge followers right before Microsoft has purchased them back in the year 2011. And since then lots of users has been increasing from time to time and has become people’s favorite. But it happens to be that people loved to try out different and new things in their social life. Today we will share information with you regarding the Top 12 Best Alternatives of Skype To Make Voice Video and Conference Call & Chat. Check them out.

There was a time when the popularity of Skype was like anything in all over the world. Most of the Smartphone users mostly rely on this multimedia messaging app to communicate with each other. And during those days it was the only app that offers tons of features and is absolutely free to use. But as the time goes by things have change there were more app available in the internet which offers similar features like that of Skype. And some messaging application tools are far way better than Skype App in many ways.

Here we have come up with lists of several apps that are similar to Skype which are just incredible to use. With these apps you can make video call or conference call for unlimited period of time. And send text messages as much as you want from any place you may belong or contact from. Check each of these Skype alternatives as they are described below in brief.

List of Top 12 Best Alternatives of Skype


Whatsapp brings to you simple and reliable messaging services which is completely secure and safe. It comes with fast speed video and voice calling services that help you to connect people worldwide. Whatsapp supports in several platform of devices that includes Android, Windows PC or Mac, Windows phone and iOS device. This multimedia messaging app was mainly developed with an intention to make conversation easy and interact with business man. Most of your favorite moments can be shared on Whatsapp without any tension as it is built with end-to-end encrypted. Start limitless conversation with group and make it interesting by adding stickers and emojis to make the chat more fun. And you can easily share any format documents which includes PDF files and other documents formats. Share your thoughts by setting a status or simply by sending voice messages to your contacts. Make the conversations going on by sync all of your Smartphone contacts chat on your Widows PC.


Viber is the best app to have unlimited conversation with your loved ones. It helps you to stay in touch with your family, friend and share photos with them your favorite photos and videos as well. Speaking of the features of this app it has tons of it and is really impressive. Perform video calls or make audio calls into complete HD-quality at any moment you want.And you can delete any seen messages from the conversations that you make in your viber account. Also, create communities of your own with unlimited number of members and chat with them by sending stickers and emojis. Use viber in multiple platforms of devices and sync its history call and data. Make video or voice calls absolutely high quality for free without any limitations set. And the best thing about viber app is you can add chat extensions along with it to have more fun.


Talky is uncommon which is different from the rest of the messaging tools available from the Skype alternatives.Speaking of this messaging tool, it is completely based on the internet services and is filled with tons of features. Talky is available to use on platform such as iOS device and other devices. And to useit on your windows PC you can either for its web browser or use the video chat extension from Chrome Web Store. The most interesting thing about this messaging application tool is you can add participants of 15 members. It is perhaps the best way to connect with your friends and family from any corner of the world. Share screen of any of the conversations that you have with your friends and family.

We Chat

We chat gives you the access to connect with more than billions of people worldwide. Now you can also start to have unlimited chats and make chats conversations and lots more. It is design with user-friendly interface and is simple to use. We Chat is a free messaging app that keeps you connect with your closed one and other people. Send unlimited text or photos or voice messages, and record videos and share them with your friends and family. Create a group chat and discuss anything you wish to talk about and share your favorite moments. Send photo or videos to the contact list from your We Chat account and make their day. We chat app is currently available on two platform of device that includes iOS & Android device.


Are you looking for the best alternatives apps of Skype then ooVoo is the right choice for you. The best thing about the multimedia messenger app is that it allows you to make video calls of 7 friends at a time. Here you create or share videos with your closed persons or friends or colleagues from different region of the world. And you can talk with your favorite person face on face by making video calls for free. Share videos or send videos to your contact list and send unlimited text messages to your contacts. Check on the top most and trending chains of the network that is uploaded by your friend in this social network. Also, discover interesting contents and stay connected with your closed ones or friends in anytime you want. Speaking of the user-interface of this app it is friendly and is very easy to handle.


Hangouts App is perhaps an impressive messaging app available just for you. It is the best replacement of Skype app for your Smartphones for free with no charges included for getting the services. Into the group chat conversations you can include at least 150 people and have unlimited conversations. Also, you can make any conversations into a free group video call and then add like 10 contacts into it. Share your thoughts by setting your status or photos or sending stickers and emojis to your friends. And you make free voice calls to any person in your contact list from any country you are. To perform video or voice call all you have to do is connect your Google Account and then start to send text messages. The best thing about hangout app is you can broadcast it completely for free along with hangouts on air. And this one, there is no need to involve any installation of the third party applications. To start using it you need to sign uo your account for free with Google + account. And that’s it start enjoying its tons of features available in the messenger app tool.


If you are looking for an incredible tool that can give you best online meetings? We suggest you to install Webex on your desktop which is considered to be among the best communication tool available in the internet right now. By using this tool, you can connect in videos call and have face conversion with a maximum of 3 members. It is best for doing meetings and shares your ideas with your team members even they are far away from your office. This is the way to create connection and stay connected even when you are together, still you can discuss and continue your work. Webex tool supports video devices by which you can make connection and create great and never ending work discussions you want. Also, make connection from Cisco IP phones to Webex users for free at high quality videos.


Now make international calls at cheap rates with VOCA app in over 231 countries at high voice quality. It is design with clean interface and comes with smooth function and is free to use. VOCA is available to download in several platforms of devices that include Android and iOS device. And this messaging application is totally free to download by using it you can make free audio calls and video calls. The best thing about this app is you can make calls at landlines or mobile absolutely at cheap rates. By using this Skype alternatives app you can stay in touch with your loved and close ones at low rates. Send unlimited text or image and videos at any moment you want and there is no such thing as limitation set for it. Everything is encrypted in this messaging app tool and you can create multiple lists of contacts with completely no ads which is really great.

Uber Conference

Start making calls with the Uber Conference App without the requirement of PIN. You might have learnt that most of the people find really boring to type the PIN codes or dial-in numbers. The user-interface of the Uber Conference app is well maintained and is very easy to operate and handle. By using this application tool you can make scheduled calls and choose a meeting time. Speaking of the features it has tons of it which includes instantly scheduled Conferences and PINS are not necessary for organizer. Learn whether who is on the call and then record the free conferences or  control the participants and lots more.

Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting App allows you start or join a meeting with one single tap touch button. And you can view the presenter’s screen and video and the chat with your contacts lists in a group or personally. Make audio call for free and have unlimited voice conversation and then scheduled a meeting in a seconds. The best thing about Go To Meeting app is you can either join or host a meeting on any selected smartphone device or tablet. Also, share you screen with other team members when you are in a meeting and get alerts of the meetings.

VSee Messenger

VSee provides you the access to make group calls by adding 4 members in the group video calls. Share the screen of the video calls and send instant text messages regarding meeting in a group or individually. VSee messenger works even in poor networks and that include 3G and 4G connectivity and enjoy the app with no interruption of Ads. The best thing about this app is that it comes with API for integrating along with Telehealth and many other apps. Calls made in Vsee are encrypted and that allows keeping your data safe and secure. It is perhaps one of the best skype alternatives available for your selected smartphones devices.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi meets provides you the access to stay in touch along with your entire team members. Stay always connected with your friends family or colleagues and make video conferences to discuss business. Here you can add limited number or uses which mean there are no restrictions set for the conference users. For being a part of Jitsi meet you don’t require account and this application tool comes as encrypted by default. Enjoy the high quality calls like voice and video calls without any interruption in the network. And you can use Jitsi meet by using the web browser without including any downloads.

Final Thoughts

Here are the complete information reading the Top 12 Best Alternatives of Skype To Make Voice Video and Conference Call & Chat. Now it is completely up to you which one of this above listed app you want to pick to have conversations with your colleagues or other contacts list.These messaging app will help you to stay connected with your family, closed ones and friends as well. Enjoy the unlimited voice calls or make video calls to have faced to face conversations and share any of your beautiful moments together. Share your favorite pictures personally with your contacts list or share them in a group to cherish your best moments together. Without wasting any more of your time choose any of these apps mentioned earlier in these pots. And you better instantly install to enjoy its excellent features and have text conversations like anything else before you enjoyed in Skype.